Useful Links

A regular effort is made to check that these website links are active.

Special emphasis on how the caregivers needs to take care of himself/herself, and also lists common ailments of the cared for patient and how to best manage the ailment.

A database of over 2000 government programs that help seniors with essential living costs; assistance depends on eligibility criteria spelled out for each program.

A 56 page downloadable comprehensive Caregiver’s Resource Guide specifically for Virginians, however, in excess of 10 pages of website and phone number listings are given that apply nationwide.

A very informative website administered by the Federal Government’s National Institute on Aging, including Fact Sheets on Alzheimer’s disease (genetics, medications, research and legal).

Search for the author Sally Abrahms,  and keywords caregiver or caregiving, and you will find dozens of articles by her. She has caregving experience herself for her mother, father and mother-in-law.

This website comes up time and time again in various caregiving articles that I read. It is a very simple uncluttered main webpage that allows you to search by zip code or topics list. I suggest searching first by topic, and at the bottom of any given topic’s webpage, you can further refine by zip code.

A Community Resource Finder