Caregiver Overtime Pay

Number of Personal Care and Home Health Aides per 1000 Adults age 75+

See the full map and legend at: United States Shaded Data Map

This map at the website link provided above shows a wide disparity in the availability of Home Health Aides across the 50 States.

This is also a good exercise in data interpretation as we must careful to understand what the data represents as strictly defined.

The map reports the ration of workers to patients. Florida has the lowest ration (29 Aides per 1000 patients), but this is more likely due to the popularity of Florida as a retirement haven than it is a statement that career prospects or working conditions for Home Health Aides in Florida are unattractive. Conversely, the highest ration is for the District of Columbia (302 Aides per 1000 patients). This is most likely due to the fact that DC is generally a very popular residential area for young people and people in the age group 75+ are relatively poorly represented. This high ration should not necessarily be interpreted that there are too many Home Health Aides in DC. Finally, the reported statistic does not indicate what percentage of the Home Health Aides are full-time workers.

In conclusion, the statistical map does not necessarily indicate that the Home Health Aide workforce should necessarily migrate between States. Indeed, it is more likely that the map shows the relative need for Home Health Aides among the 50 States. With improved procedures and medicines available today in the U.S., the average life expectancy is increasing (i.e., putting pressure on the worker/patient ration to stay at current levels over time), and all States will need more Home Health Aides in the years to come.

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