Need New Home Health Aide

About a month ago, one of the home care companions (that provided about 10 ours of support per week) resigned with zero notice. I thought this was unprofessional and disrespectful, considering the numerous favors I did for the Aide to keep her happy, engaged and comfortable in her assignment (for example, I would drive her home for safety at the end of her shifts in the winter when its was already dark, as she had no vehicle, among many other extra efforts). She was someone I found through my personal network, so I will try that route again to find a new home health aide for Mom.

In the meantime, I have to cover her duties, which include monitoring showers as well as trimming finger and toenails, all done within the last week by yours truly.

I was able to get her to church this week, which is very important. She is treated like a celebrity there, as so many people know her over the 30+ years she has attended that church.