Sometimes as a caregiver, instead of focusing on the patient/loved one, you instead start the day focusing on the house that helps the patient/loved one.  That was yesterday, as I had a handyman doing 5 hours of various fix-it and indoor improvement tasks. One might say: “Yes, homeowners all over the country have the same issue to keep the house maintained, so what’s the big deal?”.  Acknowledged, except in many of those cases there are two or more able bodied adults who can organize and supervise the Contractor. In my case it’s just me to handle it. It is, of course, a big distraction, running around getting him supplies, tools, helping with a lift or various consults as he goes down the task list. In the end though, you’re happy because the home is safer and more comfortable for the effort. And it’s nice to at least get some of your privacy back …

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