first substantive post

Mom went through a rough stretch the past several weeks. During this time she had oral surgery to remove a tooth, extreme upper back pain (which we though was yet another broken vertebra), and a secondary lung infection that produced the most vicious cough you could imagine.

This meant extra work for myself and my local sibling, including for example, working new medications into the rotation in way that does not conflict with other established medications or regular food meal selections (some diary and vitamins interfere with antibiotics).

On top of all of this, one of my two outside care providers was on a 3 week trip/absence, so I had to pick up the hours myself.

As of today, it appears that the tooth and back issues are fully resolved, and the cough is about 75% gone.  What a short-term whirlwind that was though!

Now you can begin to sense that care giving does not follow a recipe; it involves trade-offs so that you can never fully win at all times. Sometimes issues arrive unexpectedly and concurrently, and then some of your own lifestyle choices need adjustment.


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